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JANUARY 18 2014

Hey everyone

I'm going to be laying low for the next few weeks and I wanted to let you guys know what was going on. 

I went back and forth about whether to write publicly about this as I don't want to get too deep into my private life here, but I've already had to explain this to quite a few people via email so I felt it might be easier just to put the story out there on one go.

On Wed evening my daughter and I were struck by a car on our way home from the grocery store.  I should say now that we were both extremely lucky and neither of us sustained brain or spinal injuries.  However we're both in quite a bit of pain. As you can imagine the whole experience was pretty traumatic for the both of us.

We're back at home now, after spending a few nights at Hackensack University Hospital.  The dr's and nurses in the emergency and pediatric departments were amazing, and they made what was one of the worst moments of my life a little more bearable with their kindness and patience.

Most important of all Nico, my little girl, is doing really great considering what happened.  She's eating a little now and although she's still in a lot of pain she's slowly getting back to speed in terms of walking, feeding herself, etc, etc. As a dad it breaks my heart to see her in this much pain, but I'm extremely grateful that her injuries weren't more serious. 

So that's why you wont be hearing much from me in the next week or two. I've just got to take some time to recover and help my kid get back to full strength. Vanessa, my missus, is being amazing. Even though she wasn't involved in the accident this has been a really trying time for her emotionally, and the full weight of nursing the two of us has fallen onto her. I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have her helping us through this. 

Thanks to everyone who found out about this already and sent messages of support.  That really means a lot to us all, and your well-wishes are greatly appreciated.

Once I'm feeling a little better I'll send everyone an update on how we're doing.

More soon,



MAY 2013

I will be reading at the Howl Festival on Thursday May 30 at the Pyramid Club in NYC, at a Lydia Lunch curated benefit for H.E.L.P. (Howl Emergency  Life project).  Details are HERE  

Also, the fine people at Playground Libris in Italy will be publishing BLACK NEON in September.  Stay tuned for more details... 


A busy month.  DIGGING THE VEIN comes out in French this month, under the title  "DU BLEU SUR LES VEINES" via the good people at 13e Note Editions.  The French edition features  pictures and text by Dejan  Gacond and Kit Brown, as well as an introduction by James Frey.


After a long absence from the live scene I am crawling out of my hermit hole for a very special NYC performance on March 3rd with none other than Lydia Lunch and Bibbe Hansen.  Anyone who knows me has probably heard me ramble at length  about my great love and admiration for all that Lydia has done over the years, so this truly is a huge thrill for me.  The details are HERE

The new novel is coming along, about half way there.  I'm hoping there will be only another few months of self doubt, drunken self loathing and broken laptops before it's done.

I am also working on an exciting and top secret project with Mr David Field, the  director responsible for this beautiful short film, entitled "CATERPILLAR

Thanks for hanging in there.  If you have emailed me at the site and not received a response my apologies. My spam filter went haywire and while trying to fix it I wiped out tons of emails before I could answer them.   Please resend if you've been waiting for a reply for  more than a week or two...   


Black Neon was published in Germany last month.  As always Walde and Graf did a great job on it.  I'm hoping to get out there next year to do some promotion.  Also I just heard that 13e Note Editions will also be putting out a French translation.


Work on the new novel is continuing.  The working title is "Stitched Up".   


Take the long gaps in the latest news section not as a sign that nothing's been happening, but rather that I've been totally absorbed in this novel.  This is why I'm not on Facebook.  Frankly I just cant be bothered with all of that shit, and if that makes me a dinosaur then so be it.  For me a writer's job should be producing books, not boring everyone to death about what they had for breakfast or what they watched on TV or thought of so and so's book.  There's plenty of writers out there who cant write for shit but they're really good at self promotion.  Good for them,  Hell, if the writing thing doesn't work out in the long term they can always get a job in PR.  

Since I'm in a writing mood....  the Heroin Chronicles is coming out soon on Akashic.  Its edited by Jerry Stahl and features a story by my and a bunch of writers I really like... Lydia Lunch, Jerry Stahl, and ... well just look it up.  It's a great book.  

I'm not dead yet, motherfuckers. 



MAY, 2012

Long silence on this end.  Things have been extremely hectic, and time to update the website has been pretty limited.  BLACK NEON will be making it's debut on Walde and Graf in German translation later this year.  For various reasons I will be holding onto the rights to the English version for a while.  Its a long story, but I've decided that leading with a sequel to Sick City next wouldn't be the right move for me in the US.  I'm working on a new novel and a non-fiction project that will be completed in early June.   In the meantime I'll be reading with JR Helton (author of "Drugs" and an all around great guy) at the Book Court bookstore on Tuesday, May 29 at 7pm...



Lot of changes the past few month.  I have new representation, see the "contact me" page for more details.  BLACK NEON is with the publishers now, and there will be an update soon regarding the publication date.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see me in Europe, and I am currently trying to make sense of the hours of film we shot and turn it into some kind of tour diary film which is easier said than done....

AUGUST 19, 2011

I recently collaborated with a great band out of England called Blak Magik Society - they are making some of the most twisted grooves out there, and they used a recording of me reading my short story "Balls" to create this mind-melting EP.  Click HERE to check it out.  Also why not check out Blak Magik Society's site, sign up for their mailing lists, and have a drug, alcohol and scuzzy rock'n'roll induced blackout at a B.M.S. gig...?



You can buy an e-copy of DOWN AND OUT ON MURDER MILE for 99c this month only, as part of Harper Perennial's "20 Books for 20 Dollars" promotion. Which isn't bad, considering you cant even buy a packet of peanuts from a NY street cart for 99c anymore...


Click through HERE for more details.


3 bits of belated news.

Has nothing happened since April?  Or am I just too lazy to update this page?  The latest:  my next book, BLACK NEON is completed.  I'm giving it one last look over before it heads to the publishers.  BLACK NEON concerns the continuing adventures of Randal and Jeffrey from SICK CITY, and believe me it only gets weirder and more fucked up from here.  Also, some big news that I've been working on for what feels like forever is finally a reality.

SICK CITY has been optioned by Anonymous Content, the production company behind movies like WILD AT HEART, BABEL, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, and WINTERS BONE.  The ink is still drying on the contracts. so there will be some kind of official announcement in the film press soon and I can give you more specific details.  However I can tell you that the script is already in development, and I will keep you updated here of how it all goes.


Finally, to support the upcoming release of SICK CITY's German edition (Walde & Graf) and French editions of SICK CITY and DIGGING THE VEIN (13e Note Editions) I will be reading in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France in September. Stay tuned for a full itinerary.



Jesus, John Saxon is such an underrated actor.


APRIL 2011

Started a new gig writing over at THE FIX.  My debut article there, "The Case Against Abstinence" seems to have gotten a few people riled up.  Sample comments:

"It's typical sick thinking", "Too much phony BS here to sort through. Nothing new about an addict substituting one substance for another and justifying and rationalizing their behavior, whatever the behavior is.", "wow another man that possibly thinks the rooms arent ready to hear the truth." 

 I'm enjoying reading these because they make me remember why I stopped attending AA years ago.  Still, my favorite comment is from the mighty Shane at Memories of a Heroinhead who said, "I don't believe in Rock Bottom. I believe in the opposite. I believe in love."  Thanks Shane, for injecting a bit of common sense into the debate.

Reading:  Sleazoid Express by Bill Landis and Michell Clifford

Watching:  The Intruder (1962)

MARCH 2011

Wisdom teeth yanked.  Upside: vicodin.  Downside - everything else.

The sequel to SICK CITY, BLACK NEON is finished and I'm polishing it at the moment.  Stay tuned for details....

Reading: Already Dead by Charlie Huston

Watching: Scum Of The Earth (1963)

 MARCH 2011

oh jesus, well sorry about the lack of updates.  i have been hard at work on my new book and its been a crazy one to write, and argh, man what can i say.  i have some news that has been brewing since sometime last year regarding SICK CITY, but it's not there yet and i cant say anything until i get the go ahead.  but in the meantime Noah Cicero - a writer whose stuff i have long enjoyed - has a new book out.  it's called 'best behavior and you can buy it HERE noah blogs here and his stuff is depressing and great.

December 1, 2010

Reading:  Leaving Las Vegas

Listening: Psychedelic Disaster Whirl (V.A.)

Watching: Straight Time (1978)

November 16, 2010

Reading:  The Fall, Albert Camus

Just finished:  Life, Keith Richards

Listening: Psychedelia at Abbey Road (V.A.)

Watched:  The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (1974)

Writing: As yet untitled new book, 50,000 words in... watch this space

October 21, 2010

RIP Ari Up

July 16, 2010

My friend Sebastian Horsley died today.  He was a true original, and a writer and visual artist of incredible talent.  Broken like a butterfly on a wheel.  FUCK THE WAR ON DRUGS.  Rest in peace, Sebastian.


March 2010

Neon Angel is out now - The Runaways movie released (based on the book)

From the Runaways NY Premiere, Match 17

Go see the movie, and then buy the book to read about all of the scandal they couldn't put in there unless they wanted an X-rating...


January 2010

Stay tuned for two books this year:  First "Neon Angel: A Memoir of the Runaways" with Cherie Currie, will be released by Harper Collins / IT Books on March 13th.

"Sick City" will be released on Harper Perennial in July.  Stay tuned here, or sign up to my mailing list for a full list of promotional appearances, readings, etc.  If you would like to recieve a copy of either book to review on your website / magazine / newspaper contact me at tonyoneill [at]

The French translation of "Down and Out on Murder Mile" will be published by 13e Note Editions in Mid May 2010

December 2009

Finished final editing on "Sick City" (watch this space) and currently hard at work on "Neon Angel: A Memoir of the Runaways" with Cherie Currie...


September 2009

R.I.P. Jim Carroll

They can't touch me now
I got every sacrament behind me:
I got baptism,
I got communion,
I got penance,
I got extreme unction
I've got confirmation
'Cause I'm a Catholic child
The blood ran red
The blood ran wild!
Now I'm a Catholic man
I put my tongue to the rail whenever I can


September 2009

SICK CITY, my new book, will be released on Harper Perennial Summer 2010.  Currently working it into shape, with the help of a good editor and a steady supply of strong diet pills.  Also, I am working with Runaways singer Cherie Currie on her new memoir.  This one will be out early next year, to coincide with the movie "The Runaways".... more news will follow as this one develops...


MAY 20 2009

Thanks to everyone who came to the reading with James Frey on the 13th, and the Lit Crawl event on the 16th with Simon van Booy.  They were a blast, and it was great to meet everyone.  I have one more event before leaving for Paris, an event with a real favorite of mine,  the incredible Dennis Cooper at the Bryant Park Reading Room,