Dirty Hits: Selected Stories

From the author of SICK CITY, BLACK NEON and DOWN AND OUT ON MURDER MILE comes a collection of stories previously available only in long out-of-print literary magazines and fanzines. Written over the past decade the stories in DIRTY HITS veer between the junkie-memoir (“Boiling Blood”, “A Successful Morning”), character studies of those on the fringes of LA’s drug culture (“Frank the Dog Walker”, “A Conversation in Laughlin, NV”), bizarre fantasy (“Beautiful Head”, “Roach Killer”) and the utterly unclassifiable (“A Most Dangerous Profession”). Collected together as a low-cost e-book for the first time, DIRTY HITS offers the uninitiated a chance to discover the twisted world of Tony O’Neill, a writer who the Guardian claimed had “taken the term rock’n’roll poet to it’s farthest edges” and whose novels have been described as “exquisite” by Irvine Welsh and as resembling “a Robert Altman film scripted by Charles Bukowski and William S. Burroughs …” by Booklist.

Dirty Hits on Amazon.com

Dirty Hits on Amazon.co.uk

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