Notre Dame du Vide

“It’s a beautiful day. It’s always a beautiful day in Los Angeles. You stop noticing after a while; the monotony of perfection. I am intensely aware of my own discomfort… the ache in my bones… we sit on the grass next to a sleeping winehead. The filthy pigeons circle us like ragged junkies mooching for change. An empty crack vial, trodden underfoot and shattered, glints like stardust.”

NOTRE DAME DU VIDE [first published in 2009 by French publisher 13e Note Editions] is presented in English for the first time via Vicon Editions. This short story collection – which introduced Tony O’Neill to French readers – won acclaim from the likes of Le Monde who said, “[with NOTRE DAME DU VIDE] O’Neill stakes his claim as a possible 21st century successor to the drunken blues of Bukowski or the space-age junkie fantasy of William Burroughs,” and Bâtard Sournois who compared the book to, “Lou Reed at his most dissolute, Trocchi at his most angry and poetic.”


“Notre Dame du Vide shows a writer at the top of his game: filthy, funny, illuminating and degenerate. Like Lou Reed at his most dissolute, Trocchi at his most angry and poetic, with this collection Tony O’Neill shows that he is a writer to be reckoned with… the only question is whether he will survive long enough to fulfill his (considerable) promise?”

Bâtard Sournois Magazine, Paris

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