Neon Angel w/ Cherie Currie

In this candid autobiography, Cherie Currie—the original lead singer of ‘70s teenage all-girl rock band The Runaways—powerfully recounts her years in the band, her friendship with guitarist Joan Jett, and her struggle with drugs. An intense, behind-the-scenes look at rock music in the gritty, post-glam era, Neon Angel is a must-read for anyone whose heartContinue reading “Neon Angel w/ Cherie Currie”

Hero of the Underground (w/ Jason Peter)

Hero of the Underground is the riveting New York Times bestseller. I wasn’t afraid of death.  How could I be? I lived under death’s shadow every day. When you swallow sixty Vicodin, twenty sleeping pills, drink a bottle of vodka, and still survive, a certain sense of invulnerability stays with you. When you continually use drugs with theContinue reading “Hero of the Underground (w/ Jason Peter)”

Dirty Hits: Selected Stories

From the author of SICK CITY, BLACK NEON and DOWN AND OUT ON MURDER MILE comes a collection of stories previously available only in long out-of-print literary magazines and fanzines. Written over the past decade the stories in DIRTY HITS veer between the junkie-memoir (“Boiling Blood”, “A Successful Morning”), character studies of those on theContinue reading “Dirty Hits: Selected Stories”

Songs From The Shooting Gallery

Tony O’Neill’s debut poetry collection, collects together a series of early works published in online literary zines, long-lost print fanzines and poetry anthologies.    Stark and uncompromising, these poems pull no punches and ask no quarter.  “The great power of Tony O’Neill’s poems is obvious to anyone, but I hope people understand what a rare, extremeContinue reading “Songs From The Shooting Gallery”

Sick City

Meet Jeffrey and Randal, two desperate junkies and your guides on this top-to-bottom fun-house tour of Hollywood’s underbelly.  From infamous crime scene to celebrity rehab centers, SICK CITY is an outrageous page-turning adventure set in the sun-bleached wilds of L.A. “Sick City is a disturbingly twisted ride through Hollywood’s underbelly with a degenerate cast of colorfullyContinue reading “Sick City”