Down and Out on Murder Mile

After exhausting their resources in the slums of Los Angeles, a junkie and his wife settle in London’s “murder mile,” the city’s most violent and criminally corrupt section.  Persevering past failed treatments, persistent temptation, urban ennui, and his wife’s ruinous death-wish, the nameless narrator fights to reclaim his life.

In prose that could “peel paint from a car,” in DOWN AND OUT ON MURDER MILE Tony O’Neill re-creates the painfully comic, often tragic days of a recovering heroin addict.

“Down And Out On Murder Mile is funny, moving, and completely authentic. it is a map of Hell with directions showing the readers exactly how to get there.”

-Sebastian Horsley, Dandy in the Underworld


Harper Collins

Barnes and Noble


“A tragic but hilarious redemption story… This book is not for readings – it’s for injecting.”


“Fans of Irvine Welsh and Warren Ellis will love this dark, disturbing journey.”


“DOWN AND OUT ON MURDER MILE is a deceptively literary work… a portrait of the artist as a young junkie.”


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